Staring at a screen too long? These glasses are designed to prevent digital eye strain

The Vision Council estimates that roughly 93 percent of adults look at a digital screen for two hours per day and six out of 10 adults spend five hours per day staring at their phone or computer screen. It can produce problems like dry, red eyes, headaches and even double vision.

To help relieve some of this stress, we created specific glasses to wear if the user spends a significant part of their day looking at a computer screen.

Vizioeye is a new class of eyewear meant to protect against eye strain.

It’s intended to combat the effects of blue light from prolonged use of digital devices including computer screens and smartphones, by filtering blue light and helping ease digital eye strain, the statement read.

Even though working in the digital age is seemingly easier than using paper and pencil all of the time, our eyes are definitely suffering for the convenience. Vizioeye recognized the problem with the digital age and created solutions to a problem more and more people are facing as the presence of technology strengthens in our day to day lives.

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